ingredients mean everything

This isn't a tagline.

This isn't an ad. This isn't a gimmick. It's the guiding principle behind everything we do + why we do it.

We have big plans…

We're setting out to make snacks that mean something. We believe food is nourishment - for the body + the soul.

…to create a better world

Everything we do + every product we produce is created with the goal to build a world that's a little "less evil."

introducing the newest members
of our LesserEvil family.

Lauren Fisher

5 x CrossFit Games finalist and 2014 USA Weightlifting Junior National Champion

Nutrition is so important to me given what I do. I always try to eat clean and LesserEvil fits in perfectly. I crush it daily. I am in love with the Himalayan Gold while my parents love the Himalayan Pink.

Julia Mancuso

Most decorated US female Olympic skiier in history

I've never been a huge fan of dieting. To me it's all about a healthy lifestyle; smart fueling is a big part of that. LesserEvil is my go-to. I am particularly in love with the Avocado-Licious and the Oh My Ghee popcorns.

Why our snacks should be part of your life.

  • Nobody puts as much effort into sourcing the best ingredients as we do.
  • Organics are better for you, your family and the planet. Beware conventional popping corn and other ingredients can be covered in pesticides and other fumigants.
  • We don’t use refined sugar or refined salt in any of our products.
  • Our popcorn and puffs have great macros for a healthy lifestyle and your favorite fitness app.
  • We use amazing oils on our products.
  • Kids love the taste of all our snacks and you can feel really good giving it to them.
  • Our products are super light and can be taken anywhere for nutritious snacks on the go.
  • All our products are gluten free and our organic puffs are also grain free.
  • We a family owned American company that manufactures our own products. We employ 60 amazing people.
  • And because we are the official snacks of eating lightly, breathing deeply, being active and smiling often.

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