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We’re all about simple acts and doing the little things right day after day. For us, this means sourcing organic, minimal processing, using better oils, and practicing sustainability. We’re here to make products that contribute not only to a healthier community, but a thriving planet.

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Deck the pantry
with bags of popcorn!

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, popcorn trails around the house. We’re making these holidays filled with love, laughter, and snacks! Don’t delay in grabbing these festive flavors because
they’re only around for this holiday season.


Our snack journey climbs to new heights as we’ve received a new spot on the Inc. 5000 list. We are so appreciative of this honor, but we know the journey and hard work continues! We’re ready to bring our best snacks yet and look forward to all the joys and lessons this next year will bring.
We’ve all been there – late night cravings for a sweet and salty snack. The Today Show knows exactly what to do to handle those cravings once and for all – LesserEvil! Find out what their favorite snack is for all those hungry moments.
LesserEvil was thinking the same thing when it announced it’d be unveiling a limited-edition Pumpkin Spice popcorn. It’s slightly salty and sweet, and laced with warm, seasonal spices.
Fun fact: work can be so much more than just work. We’ve made it our mission to elevate our company culture and make it one that invigorates and inspires, which is why we’re honored to be certified to be a Most Loved Workplace!

Power Up Your Protein –
Plant style!

Plant-preferred snackers: we heard you loud and clear! Our new Plant-Based Power Curls are tumbled in extra virgin avocado oil and packed with up to 6G of plant-powered pea protein to give you clean gains (not grains) in every perfectly crunchy curl.

Snack time is your time!


The snack that truly keeps us poppin’! Never fried or saturated in vegetable oils, our popcorn is the cleanest, tastiest snack around!

Get it Poppin’!

Paleo Puffs

This snack is truly a puff above the rest. You’ll never see modified and artificial ingredients with our paleo-friendly Puffs, but you will love the full flavor and appetizing crunch!

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Power Curls

No grains, all gains. One serving of these protein-packed, crunchy curls will have you feeling the power!

Flex on the Flavor!

Lil Puffs

A picky palette doesn’t exist when it comes to our Lil’ Puffs! A delicious snack blended with fruits and vegetables make for a snack that your baby will keep reaching for!

For our Lil’ Fans!

Sun Poppers

We’re walking on sunshine when we snack on our Sun Poppers! We incorporated clean, functional pumpkin seed and watermelon seed proteins to power us through our day!

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