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  1. Meet the Newest Members of the Buddha Bowl Family

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    What’s new at LesserEvil? The last two products we launched were Himalayan Pink and Sweetness which cam out in the spring of 2014. Both made with organic coconut oil and Himalayan salt. The spring of 2015 is all about raw avocado oil and bringing some new flavors to the organic coconut oil family! We are excited to introduce you to Avocado-liscous, Classic Cheddah and Bonsai.

    Avocado-liscious uses the same general idea of our coconut oil flavors. A raw cold pressed extra virgin avocado oil is sprinkled all over the air popped kernels and it’s then dusted with Himalayan salt. The oil is created by cold pressing the flesh of the avocados at a temperature under 113F. We are proud to say in each bag is the oil of more than 1.25 avocados! The oil is full of the goodness of avocados. High in vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, beta sitosterol and lutein. Bringing raw avocado oil to organic popcorn has the makings of some the of most nutritous snack food around.

    The Classic Cheddah flavor was a must because we knew we needed a cheddar popcorn. Our friends and family had been asking for it. The beauty of this is that its organic, so you don’t have to worry about rBST and other junk in the cheese. We also make this with organic coconut oil and Himalayan salt so its more nutritious than other cheese popcorns. Your kids will love it.

    Finally there is Bonsai. It’s LesserEvil’s first attempt at a spicy popcorn and we think we have nailed it. Wasabi can be an intense flavor profile but we think we have come up with just the right flavor to delight both the hardcore wasabi lovers and those that are a little more timid. Our kids even love it! This baby is organic too so you can rest assured we use clean ingredients.

    LesserEvil Healthy Brands is based in Danbury, Connecticut and is devoted to producing unique, healthy & flavorful foods with real nutritional value. We manufacture out own products which supports the local community while controlling our own food safety and quality. At LesserEvil we also believe in sourcing ethical and organic ingredients and we support farmers here in the United States. All LesserEvil snacks are gluten-free & Non-GMO Project verified. Enjoy life its delicious.

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