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  1. Oh my Ghee? Really? What is the Big Deal About a Ghee Popcorn?

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    It looks like butter, its comes from butter, it smells like butter, didn’t my doctor tell me to take it easy on butter?

    Ghee is a staple in traditional Indian cooking and Ayurvedic medicine. It is made through a simple process of boiling butter for a prolonged period of time and then pouring off the impurities that rise to the to. Those impurities are namely the proteins (casein and whey) and the milk solids (which includes lactose). When those are removed what is left is┬ábasically a pure combination of fats that don’t contain any milk residue. By removing the milk residue you are removing most of its allergens and are thus making it easier to digest. Most important, is that what is left (‘clarified’ butter) now has a unique combination of fats which is now richer in short-chain, medium chain fatty acids and butyrate. The finished ghee has a perfect nutty hint and super intense butter flavor.

    Making ghee was originally done in Indian cooking to prevent butter spoilage in warm weather. Over time it went on to be used in their holistic medicine for centuries mainly as a therapeutic and digestive agent. Ghee is considered to possess the essence or sap of all plants and is a sattvic food, promoting positivity and spiritual growth. Today, ghee is loved in many diets because of its pure fats, many believe that good fats in proportion are a very necessary part of a healthy diet. Organic ghee, coconut oil, avocados, nuts and eggs are all back in vogue because of their Omega 3/6/9 combinations. Here is an amazing article:

    It Comes From New Zealand

    With animal products in particular, as a vegetarian, maintaining that animal welfare is paramount. Free range, grass fed and organic are what you should look for when it comes to the best ghee. It took a long time to find our friends at Fourth and Heart. (We talked to lots of companies in India who claimed to have suitable ghee but none had the paperwork proving it was organic and how the cattle were treated and fed). Fourth and Heart’s ghee comes from New Zealand where the cattle are raised year round on grass, roaming and sunning themselves on the slopes. These pastures are not treated with herbicides and pesticides and other fumigants. I like to believe all these conditions for the cow, and what it eats, make for a better product.

    Sprinkle on the ghee, dust it with some Himalayan salt and make sure you have the perfectly popped freshest organic popcorn. Now you have something you can feel really good about eating.

    We always try and make the absolute best products with the best ingredients. This one might be hard to top.

    Here is a cheat sheet from Draxe:






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