Yes, our organic cane sugar is vegan. We use organic bone char-free cane sugar.

Organic cane sugar is unrefined sugar that still contains the natural molasses. The flavor of organic or raw sugar does have a distinct flavor difference versus white sugar. Turbinado sugar has the highest molasses content and a slightly more intense aroma. While organic cane sugar is still processed like white sugar, it undergoes the least amount of processing and is not contaminated with herbicides and pesticides present in conventionally grown sugarcane. With any sugar, it is still important to monitor and limit your consumption and maintain a healthy diet.

Coconuts are difficult to classify, and even botanists frequently disagree on its classification. The most accepted theory is that coconuts are classified as drupes (more specifically “dry drupes”). A drupe is a fruit with a hard stony covering enclosing the seed (like a peach or olive). While it is possible to be allergic to coconut, the cross reactivity for those with tree nut allergies is very rare. Specific tests can be used by your Allergist to determine if you or your child is allergic to coconut.

The oils are sprayed on in an unprocessed form after the popcorn has been popped. By not cooking the oils we believe you are getting more of the nutrients contained within each oil. Extra Virgin Coconut, Avocado, and Olive Oil all have different beneficial properties.

The most nutritious way to prepare popcorn is to air pop it. Oil popping can oxidize and damage both the oil and the popcorn. Analysis by the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that 1 cup of air-popped popcorn contains only 31 calories, 1g of protein, 6g of carbohydrates and 1.2g of fiber. Air-popped corn is fat-, sodium- and cholesterol-free. In contrast, the same amount of oil-popped popcorn contains 55 calories of which 27 are from fat. Oil popping also adds 3g of fat and 97mg of sodium per cup.

We don’t hide anything in our natural flavors. They are a proprietary blend of extracts from organic and/or naturally occurring sources.

Yes, all of the snacks that we produce are gluten-free, however, we are not certified gluten-free. While none of our products contain gluten, we still do our own testing to reconfirm our gluten-free status.

The following Buddha Bowl popcorns are vegan: Himalayan Pink, Himalayan Sweetness, Himalayan Gold, Avocado-Licious.

The following Green Elephant Chips are vegan: Apple Cider Vinegar and Perfectly Salted.

Stay tuned for our entire line of Paleo Puffs that are paleo vegan!

While the majority of LesserEvil products do not contain dairy ingredients, they may be produced on equipment that also produces dairy products. The D designates that it was heated on equipment also used for dairy, however, we follow strict guidelines for thorough cleaning to prevent any cross-contamination.

All LesserEvil brand products are certified Kosher OU-D and our cookie line is certified through Star-K Pareve.

The majority of LesserEvil products are dairy-free. Only two of our products are not: Buddha Bowl Classic Cheddah and Oh My Ghee! organic popcorns.

Yes, our popcorn is certified organic which does ensure that the product is Non-GMO, however GMO-free does not mean free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers. Certified organic is the only way you know your popcorn is free from all of those chemicals AND is non-GMO.

That is correct that most popcorn is free of GMOs (at the moment), however most consumers are not aware of this. Our retailers and consumers prefer the full disclosure from vendors and have demanded Non-GMO verification regardless. Since 90% of regular corn crops contain GMOs, we want to be completely transparent about popcorn being Non-GMO since it is from a different seed.

In addition, our popcorns do feature a number of seasonings, so the non-GMO verification also confirms any seasonings used are also non-GMO.

For your convenience, our policies and terms are available at Orders and Payments as well as Shipping and Returns.

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