Be Good.

“Be Good.”

They are two very simple words, but they carry a lot more meaning when you stop and think about it. Our fearless leader, Charles Coristine, signs off every phone call with this little monicker. We aren’t sure if he notices that he does it, but it is a cool little way to disengage from a phone call. Think about it. Instead of saying, “Goodbye,” use “Be Good” instead. It’s a nice little change of pace. And if you ever call LesserEvil HQ aka “The Snack Shack,” and get Charles on the phone be sure to listen for his words of encouragement towards the end of your call.

For a lot of here at LesserEvil, this has become a saying that mimics our brand philosophy. We truly want the company to “Be Good” in every sense: Tasty Products, Socially Responsible, Giving, Engaged…we could go on and on here.

We certainly know that we aren’t perfect, but we are trying everything we can to Be Good.

What are you doing to “Be Good” each and everyday?

Be Good.
Less Evil.

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