Big Winner, Little State

We just got some good news, and figured we would share with our LesserEvil followers.

Over the weekend, LesserEvil’s Fields Good Kettlecorn won First Place in the Gluten-Free Category of The Connecticut Specialty Food Association’s 2012 Product Awards Competition.

LesserEvil Classic Kettlecorn

First Place Winner in the Gluten-Free Category

This was a huge thrill for us and something that we were totally not expecting. We are so happy to have even been included in this year’s field of products. It is great to see some of the smaller brands in this industry getting the recognition they deserve for making some delicious and innovative products. Big props to Chaplin Farms for their unbelievably good Apple Pie Jam that took Product of the Year.

Sharing good food with good people is what we live for at LesserEvil. The CT Specialty Food Association has put together some of the best little brands in Connecticut, and as it just so happens the people that run those brands are our friends. So pumped to share this honor with them.

Be sure to try this product for yourself. Check out our Store Locator feature to see where you can pick up a bag in your neighborhood.

What is your favorite local product? Leave a comment below, and we will be sure to check it out.


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