So yesterday we were snacking around LesserEvil Headquarters and someone brought up Cartoons. Naturally, we started examining which classic cartoon characters were More Evil and which ones were Less Evil. Some of you may have seen our post on Facebook and Twitter that got the conversation started, let’s keep it going. Who do you think will come out on top, More Evil or Less Evil?

Here is the list we came up with…And yes, we name names:

More Evil:

  1. Wile E. Coyote
  2. Elmer Fudd (aka Rabbit Killer)
  3. Sylvester
  4. Brain (from Pinky and the Brain, Thanks for the Suggestion Kat Arnett @KatArnett)
  5. Lucy (Why couldn’t she just let Charlie Brown kick the football?)
  6. Scar
  7. Tom
  8. Spy vs. Spy
  9. Captain Hook
  10. Ursula
  11. Jafaar
  12. Helga (Hey Arnold)
  13. Yosemite Sam
  14. Marvin Martian
  15. The Evil Monkey (Family Guy)
  16. Hamburglar (We were in stitches when this one made the list!)

Less Evil:

  1. Mickey & Minnie Mouse
  2. Bugs Bunny
  3. Tweety Bird
  4. Underdog
  5. Scooby & Scrappy Doo
  6. Timon & Pumba
  7. Jerry
  8. Iron Giant
  9. Nemo & Dori
  10. Woody & Buzz Lightyear
  11. Felix the Cat
  12. Peter Pan
  13. Speedy Gonzalez
  14. Barney Rubble
  15. Rosie the Robot
  16. Pooh Bear
  17. Linus (Peanuts)

Final Score:
Less Evil – 17 – Winner!!
More Evil – 16

Looks like the LesserEvil wins again. Let us know what you think of our list, feel free to make your own Cartoon suggestions, and be sure to tell us where you think they fall…More Evil or Less Evil.

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