Got Samples?

Samples to be Shipped

First off, we apologize for the less than impressive amount of Blog posts that we have made the past few weeks.  We have been all-hands-on-deck trying to send out all the samples we promised to our Facebook fans.  The lucky ones will be receiving a tasty pack of Veggie Krinkle Sticks.  If you missed out, don’t fret; sampling is going to be a big part of our new direction.  So pay close attention to our Social Media activity, and you could get some tasty treats compliments of the LesserEvil Snack Snack.

We are starting to send out the samples tomorrow, so we will be sure to get back on the metaphorical blog posting horse soon.

Happy Thursday!  Anyone have some LesserEvil Plans for this Weekend?  We will be doing a sampling Demo at the Danbury, CT location of Stew Leonard’s. Be sure to stop by and say hello to Hayley, our Sampling Queen.

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