The Green Elephant – A Better Potato Chip and So Much More!

Potato chips with a light touch of Himalayan Pink salt

It all started way back in 2005 as a concept of making iconic American snack foods better for you. A holistic mission to provide options to consumers that made their world a little less evil. Before we launched a potato chip we largely stayed away from anything that was cooked in oil. We prided ourselves on air-popping our popcorn (which we still believe is the best and tastiest way to make popcorn) and we puffed a bean chip in hot air that was higher in protein and lower in fat. But as we fine-tuned our approach to our chips we really realized from our customers that snacking is all about flavor, and while a bean chip is nice idea, it just is not indulgent enough.  While the roots of the company featured snacks that were lower in fat and calories, we began to realize that some fat was ok as long as it came from a quality ingredient and that it was sourced responsibly. Snacking in its essence was not about perfect. That if we provided organic, non gmo verified ingredients that came from better ingredients our customers would respond. Choices that were good for the planet was also very important for the customer and company both.

So now here we are and here comes the Green Elephant. Let’s not fool anyone the product comes from a potato. While the potato is not a nutritional power house vegetable like some of the greens in its family, it has played a very important role in providing nutrition to countless civilizations over the last 5000+ years it has been around. It is a quality starch and a medium potato  contains good percentages of your daily intake of dietary fiber, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.  This mud dweller is no dud.

But what makes the Green Elephant more special is the other ingredients we use and the special cause it supports.

We use organic, cold pressed high oleic Sunflower oil which we believe to be the best oil to slow cook potato chips. The oil is cold pressed from organic sunflower seeds, is light, odorless and has a delicate delicious flavor. The oil is low in saturated fat and contains both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. High oleic sunflower oil is particularly  high in monounsaturated fats (which are good) and has a smoke point of 450 F. The stability, flavor and high smoke point of high oleic organic sunflower oil makes it the best oil to cook potato chips in.

The chips are then dusted with just the right about of Himalayan pink mineral salt. This salt is believed to be purest form of salt available and has a composition very similar to ours.

As for the seasonings we use ingredients like organic apple cider vinegar (a health store favorite) for the vinegar is our salt and vinegar and organic honey (a staple in any healthy pantry) and jalapeño for the other flavor.

When all these organic and/or non-gmo verified ingredients are combined you get one delicious potato chip.

Besides being a better potato chip, we really believe the Green Elephant cause is one you should care about. LESSEREVIL will join with distributors and retailers to donate a portion of sales on every bag (not profits) to the cause.

Elephant are emblematic of goodness in Africa and are among the smartest creatures on this planet, and they really need our help right now. The demand for ivory and their landscapes has their populations dwindling quickly. Save The Elephants is a cause that focuses on the ivory poaching crisis. It was launched 2013, it and the Elephant Crisis Fund in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Network are really starting to fuel the growing coalition of organisations that are working to stop the killing, stop the trafficking and end the demand for ivory. 100% of funds raised reach the field and they are making a big difference.

The Green Elephant, full of flavor with just the right amount of goodness.


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