Out with the Old: Best Ways to Donate Used Goods

Is your home feeling cluttered? Maybe it’s time to clean out some of your old stuff and donate it to a a person in need. You might ask- how or where can I donate my used belongings?  LesserEvil Life posted this blog to tell you where you can donate your unwanted used goods.

Courtesy of Ashley Vowinckel

You have so many good memories with that old couch, but now it’s taking up space in your basement. Sometimes you have to let go of your old stuff, but finding the right organization to donate used goods isn’t always easy. Luckily non-profits have come up with smart solutions by setting up drop-off points and pick-up services in convenient locations.

Here are some great ways to breathe life back into your things by donating them to someone in need.

Business attire. You get a lot of good wear out of your work clothes. When it’s time to clean out your closet, several organizations collect business wear to provide interview clothes for those who are looking for work. You may donate men’s work attire and toiletries to Career Gear and women’s work attire to Dress for Success.

Cars. You had some great years with your old car, but now it just sits in your driveway taking up space. Rather than creating a neighborhood eye sore, why not donate it to a worthy cause. The American Red Cross accepts used cars- whether they are working or not—and many chapters have services that come pick them up. To find out how to donate your old car, click here for the nearest Red Cross chapter.

Cell phones. When you are trying to keep up with the latest technology, turn your old cell phone into an opportunity. Donate used cell phones to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and you will provide a second chance to someone in need. The NCADV partnered with Recellular and receives a portion of the proceeds that comes from the sale of refurbished cell phones.

Computers. Your old computer or laptop will make the perfect gift for a local church or library. Recycles.org collects used computers and other office equipment and finds nonprofit recipients who can benefit from it. You can either ship your equipment to Recycle.org or hang onto it until they find a recipient in your area who can pick it up.

Glasses. Extra prescription eyeglasses tend to collect over the years. Donate your old glasses to Lions Club International’s Recycle for Sight program and help someone in need. Lions accepts prescription reading glasses and sunglasses at their donation centers or pick-up sites.

Home improvement. If you have leftover home improvement supplies taking up space from your last project, contact Habit for Humanity ReStores and they will gladly resell them to fund projects in your community.

Other goods. Clothing, appliances, furniture, and other household items can be donated to Salvation Army for their retail stores.  Salvation Army has over 2,000 drop-off sites around the country and they also provide a pick-up service if you are unable to bring your items to a location.

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