Happy Earth Day from LesserEvil
A Note From Our CEO

Happy Earth Day from LesserEvil

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A Note From Our CEO

Happy Earth Day from LesserEvil

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Hi, I’m Charles, the owner of LesserEvil. At the core of our company values is the belief that it should be easier to find products that meet a higher standard — truly clean products that are better for you and better for the environment. In honor of Earth Day, I’d like to share some of the ways in which we put the planet first.

We are focused on the future.
We understand that the products we sell have an effect on not just our own health but on that of the planet. The agricultural practices (and their resulting waste practices) that bring food to our customers’ homes directly impact the environment. At LesserEvil, a commitment to protecting the planet is tied to our standards and our stories.

We put organic first.
We support USDA Organic as the gold standard for a clean label. USDA Organic standards prohibit the use of toxic pesticides that persist in the environment and synthetic fertilizers that harm waterways. Organic farmers use techniques like crop rotation, cover cropping, and utilizing manure and compost to build healthy soil, which helps store carbon dioxide and grow more nutritious food.

We support the Non-GMO Project.
All of our products are certified non-GMO. Most crops grown in the United States are herbicide tolerant. This means that they’re bioengineered to withstand massive applications of herbicides such as glyphosate. These herbicides are bad for the environment, especially birds and beneficial insects, as well as for the health of farm workers. The Non-GMO Project standards prohibit the intentional use of ingredients from genetically modified crops.

We focus on packaging and composting.
Packaging matters. We use NEO Plastics for ours, which are designed to biodegrade quickly in landfills. Once introduced to landfill environments, NEO Plastics accelerate the natural microbial processes and create useful biogases. We also collect all the food waste at our energy-efficient manufacturing facility and bring it to a local composting site, where it is converted into healthy soil.

Caring for the earth and minimizing our environmental impact is woven into everything we do, and it’s our mission to make clean products available to everyone at prices similar to those of conventional snacks. Happy Earth Day, everyone!


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