Simple Acts, Clean Snacks
A Note From Our CEO

Simple Acts, Clean Snacks

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A Note From Our CEO

Simple Acts, Clean Snacks

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Simple Acts, Clean Snacks

by Charles Coristine

It is not uncommon for a period of stress or pain to be the catalyst for greater velocity of change, and 2020 proved this to be true for both LesserEvil and for me personally. While we could not control the environment this year, we could control our reaction to it. We realized the need to be more centered, more measured, and more compassionate. We needed to focus on the little things that brought us happiness and tackle every day as if it were our last. We needed to focus on the little things that make us human, to focus on helping people.

For the company, that meant taking actions like extending credit terms to small distributors that were struggling, giving factory employees paid time off and hazard pay, staggering shifts, and running our machines slower to require fewer workers in close proximity. While these actions hurt our gross margin profile, they let us stay in business, as we continued to deliver to stores while other companies weren’t. We felt grateful to be working while many were stuck at home and grateful to be providing a product that people still wanted to buy through the months of uncertainty. 

Business aside, it felt really good to take the actions we did. This year made us remember that acts of contribution are what bring real happiness, and that even just as a snack company, we can make a meaningful difference in the world through simple acts of goodness.

Simple acts are the little things we can control that contribute to a better world. They are the start of a chain reaction, a snowball that gets bigger and bigger until the impossible becomes possible. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when we think about the major changes we wish for-- world peace, an end to climate change-- that are beyond the scope of our power. But we are capable of incredible things when we focus on little steps to get to our goals. We can work on ourselves in order to help other people. We can focus on simple acts and small gestures. Smiling at others, being a good listener, practicing forgiveness, performing acts of kindness without expecting anything in return: these are all ways that we can radiate love, joy, and compassion to everyone we meet. When we’re kind to others, kindness multiplies and spreads. It all starts with our individual actions. As Mother Teresa said, “If everyone only cleaned their own doorstep, the whole world would be clean.”

So how does that apply to us at LesserEvil?

We envision a future in which healthier, less processed, earth-friendly snacking is affordable and accessible to everyone. A future in which people are inspired to slow down, take time, and enjoy making healthier choices in their daily lives.

We set out to achieve this by making clean snacks from the healthiest, highest-quality ingredients. By practicing sustainability, from the farms we work with to the processes in our factory. By using better fats. By selling organic products for the same price as conventional. By innovating delicious new products and flavors that make people happy. By treating our customers the way we want to be treated, and making snacks that we want to feed our own families. By fostering a nurturing work environment in which our employees can thrive. Taken all together, we see these things as our simple act of contribution to the world, providing our own little spark for the changes we want to see.

In order to more clearly reflect this mission as a brand, we’ve made a small change to our logo and tagline. “LesserEvil: Simple Acts, Clean Snacks.” You should start to see this change roll out across our products’ packaging over the next several months, as well as this updated version of The Mindful Moment Manifesto:

We live in a world full of distractions. We can’t change that, but we can all find ways to slow down and savor the little moments. It’s the small things in life, like sharing smiles, laughter, or even snacks, that make us happiest.

At LesserEvil, we believe that just a few simple acts can contribute to something great. By sourcing organic ingredients, using better fats, and practicing sustainability, we’re able to make the cleanest (and tastiest) snacks in the world. It’s our small way of making the world a little less evil.

We are scrappy – Danbury, Connecticut kind of scrappy. We make it happen at our snack factory where we own EVERY ingredient, recipe, and process. It’s an East Coast kind of Zen.

When wellness guides your spirit, you are your own guru.



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