Who are the LesserEvil Gurus?
A Note From Our CEO

Who are the LesserEvil Gurus?

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A Note From Our CEO

Who are the LesserEvil Gurus?

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A note from Charles...

The iconography of the LesserEvil Guru is closely tied to my own personal experiences and beliefs. As I attempt to be a conscious entrepreneur, I have a genuine desire to infuse the brand with the positive energy I try to put out into the world, as well as my curiosity surrounding our existence. I have spent more than ten years on a journey of self-discovery, and it was my own personal experiences with mindfulness and meditation, and more recently teaching meditation, that led to the creation and refinement of our Gurus. We are all on a journey into ourselves and there are values and principles that can help guide us. The Gurus, who have no race, culture, or place of origin, signify one awareness wrapped up in some of these important virtues.

Additionally, it’s one of our core missions as a healthy, organic snack food company to foster a relationship in our customers between mindfulness and eating. By nourishing our bodies with care and respect through healthy eating, hydration, sleep, stretching, and mindfulness, we are better able to listen to the inner guide we are all born with. Our sincere hope is for the Guru characters to inspire people to listen to their own inner gurus and improve their wellbeing.

So, who exactly is the inner guru? While I can only comment on my experience, I do know from others I have studied with and books I have read that there are many who share my outlook. While some see the guru as only an external teacher, I think of it as my deepest self who is my real teacher, a combination of my imagination and my intuition that forms the real voice of my soul. I think of my soul as the universal consciousness that animates and brings life to everything. The life that I am experiencing is meant to be a journey of self-discovery to rediscover my true essence.

For me, most of my breakthrough has come with a practice of stilling my mind enough that I am able to come in touch with a vast awareness larger than myself. This awareness is the omnipresent consciousness that pervades everything and guides the entire universe. When you discover and live in harmony with this energy, the universe naturally becomes aligned behind you, and that’s when magical things start happening spontaneously alongside a deeper experience of oneness, joy, and love.

It takes time to find this awareness, and while a great teacher can help to guide and help you along the journey, ultimately the work must be done by you. But you are already perfectly complete, equipped with all the answers to your questions and problems, and fully capable of making these discoveries. Think of yourself as a big antenna that just needs to be tuned to the right frequency. It just takes time, patience, and a longing desire.

Each Guru character was created to represent a different aspect of the true self. Just like all of us, each character is perfectly complete, but each represents a different virtue that can help us along the journey inside.

Homer is courage, which we can’t begin the journey without. It takes real courage to live outside of default mode of looking for happiness from external forces. The inner journey is a lot of work, but when you start looking past the illusion and into the innate stillness, you discover that everything you need is inside you.

Iris is curiosity. Why do we exist? When we really look at our experience, there is nothing we can find that is outside of our awareness. You are the space within which everything occurs. The only limitation is the limitation you believe.

Henry is harmony. Harmony means acting according to your intuition and avoiding the limitation of the overactive mind. The mind and the ego think they are protecting us by focusing on the past and the future, but we can’t live in harmony this way. The more you practice surrendering to stillness, the more harmoniously you live.

Atlas is discipline. When you begin to explore your deeper self, the mind often resists letting go of control. It takes discipline to do things that don’t provide immediate gratification. Building a practice of stillness, visualization, and gratitude can take time and patience. Just like working out builds a strong body, a mindfulness practice builds a beautiful inner landscape.

Al is compassion. He understands the human predicament and works to cultivate goodness in all he does. He understands that the real self is formless, faceless, and free. From this standpoint, he realizes that everything and everyone are one and the more he cares for everything-- the people, planet, and animals-- the more he cares for himself.

Stella is presence. All of our feelings of limitation come from imagining that we live in the past or future. We actually live in a constant stream of now. The now is eternal, the container from which all life exists. Surrendering to the now allows you to access the energy that guides the universe.

Learn more about the Gurus in this video interview with Charles!




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