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New Clean Look, Same Mindful Mission

We’re serious about being mindful. And as you can tell, we’re also serious about snacking. Nothing goes into our Popcorn, Paleo Puffs or Egg White Curls that we wouldn’t feed our own families. That’s our mantra and it’s 100% the truth.

It all started with a hunger—not just for satisfying snacks, but for snacks made without the typical processed stuff you usually find on grocery store shelves.

LesserEvil was born from a desire to make sinfully tasty snacks with clean, sustainable ingredients. And at our factory in Danbury, Connecticut, we control every single thing that goes into them, from organic, grass-fed ghee and Himalayan pink salt to cold pressed avocado oil. 

We source the cleanest ingredients possible for every snack, and won’t stop there. You’ve probably seen in-store that our snacks have a new look! The packaging is clean and sustainable, just like our family of products. We’re on the same mindful mission, with a fresh new look.  

From LesserEvil