How to get Organized for a New School Year

How to get Organized for a New School Year

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How to get Organized for a New School Year

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3...2...1...Happy Academic New Year! Just kidding. We’re not thrilled about summer ending either, but there is something great about that fresh-start feeling of fall. Whether you’re going back to school yourself, you have kids heading back, or you’re just bidding farewell to another great summer, it’s always helpful to reset and reorganize before the start of something new. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our best tips for getting (and staying) organized for the year ahead.


Start with an intention and a vision

Whether you’re hoping to revamp your home office, finally clean off that desk, or set up new binders for school, having an idea of your end goal can make the process easier. It can be a mental image or a physical one-- Pinterest and Instagram are full of organization inspo to draw upon. Are you a minimalist who likes things clean and spare? Do you like grouping things in vibrant colors? Browse around and get inspired!

Take stock of everything you have

The first step to any kind of reorganization is to become reacquainted with all of your stuff. When life starts piling up, so do books and papers and office supplies to the point where you might not even know what you have anymore! Take stock of your space, pull out everything you have, and do a purge of everything you don’t need. Try to be as realistic as possible about what you'll use in the future so that you can truly get a fresh start.

Invest in some organizational must-haves

We’re talkin’ desk trays for organizing papers, cups for pens and pencils, binder and notebook dividers...anything that will help you keep things in their proper place.

Get some things you’re just plain excited to use!

If buying a new set of rainbow marker pens is going to make you excited about using your daily planner, go ahead and do it! Making organization fun will make you less likely to see it as a chore.

Find a specific place for everything you have

Every item should have its own home. Put things in intuitive places that won’t leave you scrambling to find them every time. And try to avoid creating a “miscellaneous” compartment...everyone knows that's just a code word for "junk drawer!"

Put things back where they belong...every time

We’ve all experienced the intimidation of The Pile, whether it’s a mountain of miscellany on our desktop or a thick stack of random papers in a binder. The bigger the pile that accumulates, the more impenetrable it feels to start chipping away at. You can prevent the dreaded pile by aways making sure to put things back in their proper place from the get go, or throwing them away as soon as you don’t need them. The sooner you get into the habit, the more natural and routine it will feel.

Use a planner

Mental organization is just as important as physical, and keeping up with a planner is a great way of achieving this. Many of us use electronic devices to hold our calendars, but there’s a lot to be said for old fashioned pen and paper. Slowing down to write in a physical planner can provide moments of mindfulness to carry you through the most stressful times. Don't feel like investing in a new planner yet? We've got you covered. Print out our free daily planning pages right here!


Getting organized is a great way to put us in the right headspace to take on any future challenges. Whatever lies ahead for you this fall, you've GOT it!


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