6 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life
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6 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

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6 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

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6 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life 

Ahh springtime. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, and sun shining. For many, the arrival of spring is a time to freshen up your home and get ready for the busy spring and summer months ahead. But why stop there? This spring, make sure you’re setting yourself up for success by taking small steps that are not only good for the soul, but will also help you organize your life and reach your goals. Here are 6 ways you can start to spring clean your life this season and beyond. 

  1. End Toxic Relationships
    If you want to spring clean your life, you’re going to need to get rid of any negative energy weighing you down. This isn’t going to be easy, but it will be worth it in the end. Don’t waste anymore time on anyone that treats you badly. Be honest with yourself about what you want in life - romantically, personally, professionally - and look at the people in your life to see if they’re helping or hindering you. Spring is a time for growth, and you can’t do that with all the weeds surrounding you (corny, but true).

  2. Declutter Your Closet
    We all have that one section in our closet full of tops we think we might still wear someday - yeah, you know the ones I’m talking about. If you haven’t worn an item of clothing in over a year, it’s a safe bet it’s time to get rid of it. Try every item of clothing on to see how you like it. If it doesn’t immediately make you feel great, take it off and put it in a pile of things to donate or get rid of. While you’re at it, take a look at old bags and totes that have become nothing more than lost penny and gum wrapper containers at this point, and ditch those too. 

  3. Spruce Up Your Diet
    If you’re anything like me, then your winter was probably full of hearty soups and an abundance of pasta (linguine carbonara, anyone?). Switching up what you’ve been eating may help you to feel more energized, lighter, and less fatigued. Foods like strawberries, asparagus, and brussels sprouts are all in season and great to include in your meal prep. You can also check to see if your local Farmers Market has reopened for the season and see what produce they’re offering. 

  4. Dump The Junk
    It’s time to spark joy and Marie Kondo the sh*t out of your space. To start out, choose one or two rooms you spend the most time in and go from there. Put everything you own through the “love it, sell it, or toss it” test. I encourage you to be ruthless with this. I know it can be hard to let go of old things, especially when you have positive memories attached to them. Just remember, the memories aren’t going to disappear just because you give away old games, trinkets, and books. Release them with gratitude - and enjoy the space that opens up in your life once they’re gone. 

  5. Revamp Your Fitness Routine
    Whether you’re fully committed to your exercise routine or don’t know where to start, a change in your fitness habits can have a huge impact on your life. I’m personally partial to yoga because of the mind and body benefits, but others might enjoy running, cycling, or pilates. Try something new this spring to keep your mind and body entertained and in-shape. Make a schedule, include something that’s fun for you, and give it a go! 

  6. Detox Your Digital Life
    Technology is something we pretty much use on a daily basis, and it’s important to clean up the contents on your phone, computer, and other devices that are weighing you down. Go through all the files on your computer and get rid of what’s old. Create folders to organize the files you need to keep. Do the same with your phone. I find it so satisfying deleting old photos, notes, and texts that I no longer need. Don’t forget about social media! For months you’ve been seeing way too many negative comments or just bad vibes overall from people you follow. Instead of rolling your eyes and scrolling down, it might be time to just hit that unfollow button.

Remember, when you get rid of things you don’t want or need, you create more space for the things you DO want and need. As the brilliant Marie Kondo said, “When we really delve into the reasons why we can’t let something go, there are only two: an attachment to the past or a fear for the future.” So I encourage you to be brave and make some changes in your life that I know you won’t regret. 

— Megan Reid, Digital Community Manager


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