A Cherry Lime Collaboration
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A Cherry Lime Collaboration

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Lesserevil 101

A Cherry Lime Collaboration

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A Cherry Lime Collaboration
A conversation about partnerships, purpose, and the potential for pineapple popcorn with RIND Snacks Founder and CEO, Matt Weiss! 

LesserEvil’s new summer popcorn flavor, Cherry Lime, hit shelves at the beginning of June, and it was immediately a hit. We sat down to talk with RIND Snacks Founder and CEO, Matt Weiss, with a special appearance by Charles Coristine, CEO of LesserEvil, about what makes this collaboration so special and why this flavor combination seemed to pop with buyers from all around. 

Tell us about the genesis of this partnership. What was the ah-ha moment? Who reached out to whom? 

CC: Fruit-flavored popcorn was a hit in summer 2021. Matt and I wondered if there was something that maybe we could do together. We thought about Cherry Lime because sourcing the organic cherries could be easily done. 

MW: What I remember is Charles mentioning that it was important that this product be made with real fruit and have a strong statement on the pack that reflected it. It had to be consistent with everything about clean snacking that both of our companies champion. It was about finding a way to bring the real fruit expertise of RIND to the popcorn expertise of LesserEvil while creating a totally new taste bud experience for snackers. The combination of sweet and salty are where it’s at, and consumers are looking for less super sweet and more tangy, even bittersweet. They want their taste buds completely confused with a totally out-there combo they can’t quite place. It’s the new kettle corn!

CC: Yes, the new kettle corn. You heard it here first!

MW: Real fruit peel powders plus the cherry fleck. People can’t get enough!  The reaction has been amazing – we ran through the entire seasoning volume for Cherry Lime within the first week.

CC: We’re gonna need a bigger boat!

MW:  There’s a real mutual admiration for each other’s brands. I can’t think of another company that embodies all that is good, in terms of fun, better-for-you, better-for-the-planet, and a team that you want to see win in the market than LesserEvil. It's really exciting that our very first collab is with you guys! 

CC: It’s our first collaboration, too!

MW: I want to add that we started to work together beginning with the Clean Oil Crew initiative that you guys launched at the start of the year. We got to partner up as one of the half a dozen brands in that awesome collective. From that experience, we saw there was high overlap with our customers, and it was such a natural move to start thinking of other ways to surprise and delight our fans. 

Between Clean Oil Crew, a shared investor, and just a mutual admiration for Charles and Andrew’s leadership and what you guys are building at LesserEvil, the snack stars aligned!

How did the flavor combination come to be? Were there other contenders in the pipeline?

MW: There were a few!  With Cherry Lime, there was great nostalgia to the flavor and an overall “summery,” youthful, and fun vibe. Who didn’t love feeling like a cool ‘grown up’ ordering a Shirley Temple?

With regard to what’s next, we’re excited about so many salty-sweet combinations -- things like pineapple popcorn (that’d be a fun alliteration and taste pretty darn good), mandarin orange, maybe even a kiwi strawberry -- a classic flavor combo we could do in a non-candy kind of way.

It’s funny, of all the fruit ingredients that we are known for in our blends, cherry lime was not one of them. But it’s given us great license to experiment more broadly with different types of citrus. We’re known for oranges, and I think we can be creative with the zest and provide a hint of sweetness and a true tangy-ness with an exotic orange flavor - whether it’s mandarin, tangerine or blood orange. 

I have a lot of ideas! Anything in fruit land that has a-peel

What is your daily mantra? What good advice do you keep in your back pocket?

MW: I spend a lot of time on the topic of purpose. Bringing purpose into everything we do as a business helps keep my team motivated, excited, and fired up to make a difference. Our mission and efforts are squarely focused on making progress in sustainable snacking. We talk a lot about the power in the peel, and yet edible peels are among the most common contributors to unnecessary food waste. For me, it’s constantly taking moments in my day to understand the bigger purpose. Sure, more product on the shelf is great. But getting to a million pounds of peels that we can divert from landfill this year is even better. If we do it while winning in the marketplace, it’s a win-win! In the hustle and bustle of the average day, it could get lost, but it’s important to zoom out and remember the bigger purpose and how to have a bigger impact as a brand leader.

What’s your favorite movie to watch while eating Cherry Lime Popcorn? 

MW: Most of my cinematic fare these days are kid’s shows. But when I have time to myself and control of the remote, I’m all in on Stranger Things 4. I will mindlessly go through a bag of Cherry Lime while watching that show on the edge of my seat.

Since you're a fruit connoisseur, should pineapple be on pizza?

MW: Pineapple should be on popcorn, but should it be on pizza? I think good pineapple should be on pizza. The real thing - or dried! From a can? Eh. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add or mention?

This whole partnership was just fun. It was so effortless and a true testament to LesserEvil’s culture and leadership. Everything that underpinned the partnership was just pure fun. Let’s merge the best of salty with the best of sweet and keep it clean. We knew it would be a summertime hit, so we wanted to make it a reality. 

Ben (Co-Founder of RIND Snacks) and I were so excited to make this happen and bring it to fruit-ion, as we like to say! 

We talk a lot about how RIND is all about the edge of the fruit. What I love about linking up with LesserEvil and doing something totally novel and fun with this popcorn collab is that it takes snacking and flavors to the edge. It’s our ethos, and there was such good alignment. You innovate, experiment, push the envelope, and take snackers on a journey.  That’s what made this partnership between our brands so fun and fruitful!


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