Mother's Day Crafts - Avocado Tie Dye!
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Mother's Day Crafts - Avocado Tie Dye!

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Lesserevil 101

Mother's Day Crafts - Avocado Tie Dye!

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Mother's Day Crafts
Avocado Tie Dye!

I've always loved natural dye. The softness of the colors. The way seemingly non-descript items produce the most beautiful shades. Inspired by one of my favorite makers, Apprvl, I decided to take a stab at dying some onesies as a last minute mama's day gift for some of the new mom's in my life. 

For ingredients, I drew inspiration from some of the foods we use in our products here at LesserEvil. I started with avocados (hello Avocadolicious!) Between my husband, 6 month old and I, we typically go through a couple of these a week, so we always have them on hand. 

The day before, clean the avocado pits of all the green bits. Then, let them completely dry out. Also, pre-wash your fabric to help the dye take better. I did a hand wash using some of my baby-safe detergent the day before I did my dying. To start the process, fill up a pot with water. Make sure you have enough to fit all the materials you want to dye. 

Next, drop the avocado pits in and bring the water up to a boil. Once you have a bubbly boil, turn it down and let the pits simmer in the water for about 20 - 45 minutes. Mine ended up on the longer side, but after about 45 minutes, the water should be a peachy pink. 

From there, drop your onesies into the pot and let them simmer for another hour or so. Then take the pot off the burner and let them steep. The longer you let the onesies steep, the darker the color will be. I ended up leaving mine overnight. 
When you're ready, take your onesies out and wash with a baby-safe fabric soap. Finally leave them out in the sun and let them dry. You'll end up with a pretty, pink color -- perfect for any little love.

Don't have avocado? There are SO many things you can use as a natural dye. Next  on my list? Citrus peels -- excited especially for lemon and grapefruit (hint, hint). 

Happy Mother's Day!

Article by Caitlin Mack, Brand Manager

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