Do your part on National CleanUp Day
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Do your part on National CleanUp Day

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Do your part on National CleanUp Day

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At LesserEvil, we love to talk about how a few simple acts can make a huge difference. And that’s exactly what National CleanUp Day is about! When a lot of people contribute just a little bit of their individual time to cleaning up, it goes a long way toward making the earth a cleaner place. National CleanUp Day in the United States takes place on a global scale alongside over 150 other countries participating in World Cleanup Day. Both organizations make it easy to participate by signing up to join an official cleanup near you. But if this is the first you’re hearing about this worldwide day of service, don’t let that stop you! Here are some ideas of ways you can clean up in your own community, both today and every day.

Easy ways to keep your community clean


1. Pick up litter whenever you see it.

It’s as simple as it sounds! Whether you’re walking around your neighborhood, your park, or a local beach, keep your eyes peeled for trash along the way. Pick it up and put it in the nearest garbage can.

2. Keep a trash bag in your car.
Maybe you spot litter while you’re out walking somewhere without access to public trash cans. Having a designated trash bag in your car makes it easy to clean up wherever you go.

3. Organize a cleanup day of your own.
It doesn’t need to be an official holiday to bring people together to contribute. You can organize people through work, school, or even just a group of your friends and get them excited about a cleanup project in your own community.

4. Get involved with your local community center.
Community centers are a great way to get involved in all sorts of volunteer work, organized environmental cleanups included. If that’s not something they already do, you can ask about organizing a cleanup yourself!

5. Be mindful of how you dispose of trash.
What we do in our own homes can go a long way to prevent the garbage buildup we find in the environment. Make sure to be careful when it comes to recycling and know your town’s rules about what can be recycled and what can’t. If you don’t have a compost system, consider starting a bin for your food waste. Even if you don’t have an outdoor space of your own, many towns offer municipal composting services.

6. Reduce your emissions.
You can reduce your carbon emissions by opting to walk, bike, or take public transportation rather than a car.

7. Get gardening!
Plants help keep our air clean through the process of photosynthesis by recycling carbon dioxide and releasing the oxygen we need to survive. If you live somewhere without access to your own garden, find a community garden and plant those plants!

And what about us at LesserEvil? We fully recognize the role that companies need to play in keeping the world a greener place. To learn more about how we minimize our own footprint, read about our approach to sustainability.


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