The Kernel

 Our commitment to 

product quality

Product quality is the most important thing we measure, and the reason goes beyond how well we meet or exceed company expectations. Testing the moisture of our kernels, the fineness of our cassava, and the viscosity and odors of our oils just scratches the surface. It is the primary indication of how we are achieving as an organization. Product quality is the byproduct of our evolution as people and as a group and serves as a barometer for where we are. 

As the CEO, I like to believe that LesserEvil is a living entity, and the people are the breath, limbs, and pathways, using their experiences, skills, and passions to push us forward and reach new heights. The quality of products we produce with this collective power are indicative of how healthy we are. We check in with what we need to do better – from sourcing ingredients to defining better tools of communication  –  and we use it to grow.  

Work can be more than just a 9-5 ‘thing to do’. If the culture is right, work can be a source of joy and an opportunity to work on yourself as we build a thriving business. Businesses thrive only as individuals do. By surrounding ourselves with people who have a strong growth mentality, we are willing to share both their strengths and weaknesses and get stronger by learning from each other. While we work continuously to refine our magic, we can’t help but produce better and better products because our standards keep getting higher. It’s not always linear, and there is always more work to do, but we feel we are moving in the right direction.

Working with organic ingredients is always challenging as mother nature includes more variability when she isn’t messed with. Because no two crops are exactly the same, our ingredients are always changing. We navigate accordingly, and we have lots of variables to account for, but air popping our snacks is a process we won’t compromise on. Would oil popping and frying be much easier? Sure, but it’s not nearly as healthy, and that’s what we focus on and prioritize.  

We take our time formulating delicious and functional snacks so that the end result is an experience that people can savor. Getting the right expansion, crispiness, and mouthfeel are not always a given when we start each day, but we keep testing and tweaking until we find our groove. The difficulty is welcomed because it allows the process to feel more like an artform, and we feel like we are building some intellectual property around our snacks! 

At the end of the day, it’s you who measures how we are doing, but we want you to know that we don’t take you for granted. In sourcing our own ingredients and manufacturing the products in-house, we want to pass on the savings to you so that you can enjoy organic products at the same prices as conventional brands. We aim to continue to delight you with fluffier, not-too-oily, not-too-salty, crispy, organic, healthy snacks made with the best organic ingredients we can source.

It’s important that customers have a say with our products – especially if it’s constructive. We gather all the input and host quarterly meetings with members from various departments to make sure we’re all on the same page of what’s happening on the ground. If you have feedback that you think adds value, we would greatly appreciate it! Reach out to our customer service team at and let us know your thoughts!