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#SquadGoals: Why We’re Poppin’ in the Office

Today’s companies are quickly evolving to fit the needs and wants of their employees. From generous PTO days to elaborate health and wellness initiatives, employees are peppered with fantastic perks that make work a little more palpable. One of the big perks we’ve seen since the pandemic is the freedom to work from home – in some cases, indefinitely. It’s an option that offers employees convenience, comfort, and a lot of freedoms that in-office work simply can’t provide. But working from home also robs employees of countless connections and benefits that can only be constructed in-house.


At LesserEvil, we strongly believe that working in the office far outweighs the conveniences of working from home. For one thing, culture is a huge part of our company; it’s the foundation of our constant motivation to do better, to be each other’s biggest support system, and create an environment that we can allow us to confidently classify ourselves as family. The best way to nourish that culture is by physically being together. 


But this is just a small part of our enthusiasm for working in the office. We want to share a first-hand look and insight into why we not only work in the office, but why it’s the only way we would have it.


Unity Across Departments: We can start with the obvious: in our field of work, most of us cannot complete our tasks from home. Some of the company’s positions require in-person attendance, most notably positions in our factory and warehouse. Working together promotes a spirit of togetherness and offers better communication across all departments. We’re able to amplify productivity, create a more unified environment, and maintain a more effective workflow. We work cross functionally on an array of different projects, garnering more appreciation for our teammates and their dedication and insight to their job. 


Effective Communication: Jumping off of the previous perk, effective communication is huge in any company. Sure, you could get on a call at any time and discuss upcoming projects among team members. You can email your supervisor and hope he/she sees it in a timely manner. But in our case? We can conveniently convene in one of our conference rooms, hangout center, zen den, cafeteria, outdoor patio, or workout machines to get the creative juices going! Whether it’s a simple question or an extended brainstorming exercise, being in the office makes it easy to get together and materialize new ideas. Furthermore, being in the office allows direct connections for those conversations that may need a little more attention than what a simple call could provide. When serious matters arise and firm direction implemented, teammates can meet in a private setting and have a more effective discussion.    


Innovation and Inspiration Nation:  Our company is growing by the day, and it’s vital that we stay on top of trends and expectations while continuously creating exciting new products, providing worthy social media content, offering better outlets of communication and feedback, and more. Working together allows us to get creative on ways to make you, our consumers, delighted! When we join forces and brainstorm new ideas and methods, we’re able to incorporate more personal experiences and backgrounds into our approach. They say, “it takes a village,” and it’s absolutely true. The more minds and energy that come together, the more brain power we have to knock our next project, idea, and solution out of the park! To learn more about our innovation process, check out our article that showcases how we push boundaries and spark new ideas! 


Working Out Together: Here at LesserEvil, we prioritize health and wellness. We offer weekly classes including yoga and cardio, with kickboxing coming in the near future. These perks are amplified when we do them as a team. The camaraderie and team building that happens during a workout session is unlike any other. We support one another, cheer on one another, and provide motivation when it’s needed most. By the end of the workout, we feel not only stronger in ourselves, but stronger in our relationship with each other. In a few short weeks, we’ll be embarking on a half marathon in Hartford, Connecticut. It’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to seeing that finish line and having a sense of accomplishment within ourselves, but the experience of doing it together as a team will bring on the biggest joy. 


Sharing Laughs and Staying Connected: We snack together (a lot), laugh together (also a lot), sing together (if the radio plays a hard-to-keep-quiet classic!), learn together (more than we realize), work out together (with similarly sore muscles), and so much more. Basically, we spend a lot of time together, but it works because the right people are contributing to an elevated culture of dreamers and doers. We’re all here with the same purpose: to make healthy, minimally processed, and tasty snacks for all. With that drive and passion, we’re able to make this mission come to life.  


To be clear, it’s not always easy. Every work environment has its ups and downs. There are stressful moments that require quick action and hard decisions, which could result in a more abrupt communication and decision-making process. There are days where we feel a little bummed, worried, or frustrated. It’s totally normal, and it could happen no matter what work environment we’re in. The best thing we can do – and it’s one of our core values as a team – is to get comfortable with discomfort. Knowing this is a part of any work culture, we can easily pivot, understand the lesson at hand, and commit to a better strategy. It’s the most beneficial route to take, in our opinion, and it’s one that unfolds much smoother when we do it together. It’s just how we roll. 


For some companies, a remote office is the best approach to a vibrant work culture. And while it’s easy to see the benefits that option offers, we know we could not be half as poppin’ as we are if it weren’t for the camaraderie and unity we’ve manifested by working alongside one another.


Alexa, play “We’re All In This Together” by High School Musical 2.