Wrapping up the Kind 45 Challenge
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Wrapping up the Kind 45 Challenge

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Lesserevil 101

Wrapping up the Kind 45 Challenge

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Congratulations to everyone who participated in our first-ever Kind 45 Challenge! Turning kindness into a regular habit can be hard, but it only takes one simple act to start a chain reaction of positivity that can end up making a huge difference. We created this challenge to be your spark in initiating that chain reaction.

And you all delivered! We loved reading your responses to our check-in surveys and were inspired by all your acts of kindness. To wrap up the Kind 45 Challenge, we wanted to highlight some of the amazing things you did with the hope that you’ll inspire even more people with your actions. Here are some of your kind acts in your neighborhoods, to yourselves, and beyond:

“Dropped off a care package for a nursing home resident.”

“As I walked my dog through the neighborhood, I picked up trash I found and brought it home to throw away!”

“I tried to walk with mindful purpose 3-5 times a week, have more positive thoughts about myself, and encourage future endeavors I hope to accomplish.”

“Went through my clothing (a gradual spring cleaning!) and donated to Out of the Closet (a nonprofit chain of thrift stores whose revenues provide medical care for patients with HIV/AIDS).”

“Donated to Sewa International through my company for India's COVID Relief Efforts.”

“Used beeswax food wrap and Stasher bags as a replacement for single-use Ziploc bags and saran wraps.” 

“Cleaned up the pond by our house.”

“Bought flowers for my neighbor.”

“I chose to do a random act of kindness for our neighbors by dropping off vegetables from our garden.”

“Organized a fundraiser and donations for children in foster care in my city.”

“Donated clothing and shoes to a charity that supports unemployed men and women and helps them secure new jobs and financial freedom.”

“I've had new neighbors move in below me. It had been 3 weeks since they moved in and we just awkwardly passed each other and said hello. But I finally introduced myself to them and let them know that if they ever need anything from me just knock!”

“We have these great 'free pantry' spaces throughout the city where I live that I stocked a few items in!”

“I’ve been moving my body and encouraging friends to join me.”

“Called my older family members to check in and see how they are doing!”

“Sent a healthcare worker a gift card for their hard work during this pandemic!”

“I have been cleaning up trash and planting trees with my son and we both talk about what we are grateful for each day!”

“Baked cookies for neighbors!”

“I have purchased silicone straws and reusable water bottles that I bring with me everywhere.”

“Read to an elderly neighbor and sent a care package to a sick friend.”

“Purchased bracelets from charities that save sea turtles and elephants as gifts for friends.”

“I used reusable bags everywhere I went: farmer's market, grocery store, and art fairs.”

“I'm lucky to live near so many restaurants and grocery stores so I decided to longboard there instead of driving like I usually would!”

“I like to remind myself every day I’m doing a good job sticking to my goals and all my hard work is going to pay off. My goal is to be kind and patient with myself.”

“Picked up trash at a local park.”

“Helped a friend with some landscaping work that they have been trying to get done.”

“Made dinner for a friend as a surprise.”

“I volunteered at the park district and put together virtual field trip kits for kiddos.”

“I ordered a huge set of reusable straws so now my whole family has cut out disposable straws.”

“Avoided using disposable cups, containers, utensils, and straws - my goal is to have a more sustainable lifestyle!”

“Through these activities I realized that I started to appreciate my surroundings so much more!”


We'd like to share something pretty cool we did as well! Since it was Earth Month when Kind 45 began, we wanted acts of kindness to the earth to be a major component of the challenge. As an office, LesserEvil spent a day in April giving back to our home base town of Danbury, CT. We teamed up with members of the Still River Alliance and spent the afternoon cleaning up trash along the local Greenway River Trail. It was a beautiful day and we loved having the opportunity to help the environment and our community.


Remember, kindness doesn’t end here. Now that you've got this momentum, we hope you'll feel inspired to keep kindness as an everyday habit. Go forth and be kind!


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