As a business owner, husband, and father of two children, I know first-hand what a stressful time it has been for our customers, employees and families. Our normal routines have been disrupted, we are separated from loved ones, and for some there has been great loss. I can feel the collective pain manifesting as an ever-present tightness in my chest. Despite the hardship, I know that this is an opportunity for many of us to rise to challenges that historically few are given. If we come together now and truly care for each other we can use this situation as a catalyst for massive positive change for our future.

We at LesserEvil are doing everything in our power not only to flatten the curve but to  provide extra care for our team. We are raising hourly wages for all factory workers, ensuring safe working conditions by providing face masks, gloves and creating six-foot social distancing. We are offering all employees a childcare stipend and asking many of our office employees to work from home. I am particularly grateful for and proud of our factory staff who are pulling through and ramping up production in these times of need. They are on the front lines and are carrying much of the burden during this time. As hard as these times are, we are thankful  for their flexibility and commitment to our mission. 

To give back to our community during this time of need, we have been donating products to local school programs that feed less privileged children. To better serve our customers, we have lowered prices on direct shipments to retailers across the country, and in April we will be discounting prices by 15-20% to our major distributors across the United States. We are also discounting prices to our distributors in Canada who are struggling with both the virus and a worsening exchange rate. 

Despite this climate and all the complexities that have come with it, I am energized by the resiliency, compassion, creative solutions and little victories we are witnessing with each passing day.  I am inspired by those in my immediate ecosystem and those further afield doing what they can to have a positive impact. And I am confident we will look back on this period in time, not without its battle scars perhaps, but with plenty of perspective around where we grew stronger from the experience.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and communicate any changes. Be safe and strong for others, and let’s march though the darkness into the bright future ahead of us.

With much love,



Charles Coristine