Our Promise.

Snacktime. A word that sparks joy, inspiration, infinite potential! Call us dramatic, but at LesserEvil we believe that with snacktime comes a whole world of possibility. That’s because we’re on a mission to make sure that the time people spend snacking is just as delicious as the snack itself. LesserEvil snacks are made from the best organic ingredients and sustainably crafted in our eco-friendly factory, so that when you choose our snacks, you can rest assured in our commitment to your health and to the health of the earth. It’s a lot of work, but anything less would be…well, evil! Okay, no, we’re all doing our best in this crazy world. But we hope that by taking these extra steps, we’re doing a little more good for us, and for the world.

When it comes to our snacks, we’re obsessed with quality. Our snack-creation process begins with extensive research into ingredients and careful vetting of vendors in accordance with our organic and non-GMO standards. With the exception of our international-sourced oils and Himalayan pink salt, we make every effort to source as locally as possible within the United States. Although these clean ingredients are more expensive, we’re able to keep prices comparable to competitors because we own our factory and warehouse. The simple fact is, better ingredients taste better, and we’re committed to making sure our snacks taste absolutely perfect.

We take our commitment to the environment just as seriously. At our Danbury, CT facilities, where we proudly provide 100 jobs, we participate in energy efficiency programs in connection with statewide initiatives. In our organic, Non-GMO verified, and SQF Level 2-certified factory, we package our snacks in biodegradable NEO plastic and compost almost all of our waste.

Opening our own factory was a pivotal moment in our company’s history, the moment when we decided to turn away from being “less evil” and focus on providing more good. LesserEvil was created in 2005 to provide alternatives to some of the more unhealthy snacks out there, but while our snacks lived up to their name, they weren't truly healthy. We opened the factory in 2011 and shortly after committed to using only premium ingredients - organic and non-GMO verified - to create truly better-for-you snacks. Today, we are 100% focused on making snacks that are not just delicious, but that adhere to our core beliefs in sustainability, transparency, and a holistic lifestyle.

As a small, but mighty company, we get to pour our energy into constant self-improvement and innovation. With our office and factory working closely together, quality control is everyone’s top priority, and we taste-test daily to ensure perfection. When we have a brilliant new product or flavor idea, we can mobilize quickly to bring it to life. We also make it easy for our customers to reach out to us, and we’re always listening to their comments and suggestions. Our educated customers want the best for their families, so our snacks fit into all different diets, from grain- and gluten-free, to paleo, to “just trying to make the healthier choice,” while never sacrificing taste. 

We always say that we want our snacks to inspire mindful moments. But what does that mean? We believe that you don’t have to join a monastery, be able to stand on your head, or know the exact location of your third eye to incorporate mindfulness into your life. Whether you use snack-time as a chance to unwind with your thoughts, a time to share with friends and family, or fuel for an on-the-go lifestyle, LesserEvil hopes to be your choice for all the joyful moments life has to offer. There’s always an opportunity to be present. Standing on your head is a bonus.
From LesserEvil