Salty & Sweet Superfood Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Recipe by Macha Davis

Try this simple recipe for a sweet & salty treat!

Here’s What You’ll Need
Dates, Peanuts, Nut Butter, Chocolate Chunks, Vanilla, Himalayan Pink Salt
Goji Berries, Pumpkin Seeds, LesserEvil Snacks Himalayan Pink Popcorn

  1. Make the salted date and nut mix! Pulse together the mix in a food processor. (4 dates, 1/4 c nut butter, 1/4 c peanuts, 1/4 c chocolate chunks, splash of vanilla extract, dash of Himalayan salt) 
  2. Fill a bowl or pan with LesserEvil Himalayan Pink Salt Organic Popcorn
  3. Sprinkle with goji berries and pumpkin seeds.
  4. Drizzle with melted chocolate and nut mix! 

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