Strawberry Lemonade Mini Trifles

Strawberry Lemonade Mini Trifles

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Strawberry Lemonade Mini Trifles

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Strawberry Lemonade Mini Trifles
Photos and Recipe By: Kayla Breeden, Kayla’s Kitch and Fix

Take a spin on the classic and forever loved warmer weather flavor pairing by whipping up these Strawberry Lemonade Mini Trifles! Their versatility makes them easy to adjust to meet multiple dietary needs and the combination of soft cake pieces, fresh fruit and crunchy LesserEvil Lemonade Popcorn makes them a treat everyone will love!

It’s no secret that with warmer weather comes the pairing of sweet strawberry and tart lemonade, and for good reason. As a drink it’s extremely refreshing, but as a dessert? It’s both refreshing and satisfying! With this recipe, we will lead you through how to make Strawberry Lemonade Mini Trifles that you can whip up for your guests or bring to your next outdoor gathering that will leave your crew feeling great!

What You’ll Need

  • Small Jars or Cups: While we used mini Weck jars, any type of small glass or plastic vessel will work! From drinking glasses to individual small bowls, use what you have!
  • Cool Whip: Be sure to use cool whip and not whipped cream for the first layer. Why? Cool Whip is more dense and will be able to serve as a more sturdy layer for the other toppings. Whipped cream will make for a great final topping, though! We’ll get there soon. Also, you can choose to use dairy free cool whip or lower sugar based on the needs of your group!
  • Sliced Strawberries: Self-explanatory! Slice the berries into little circles and set aside for the refreshing, juicy layer. Leave a few strawberries whole to use as topping.
  • Vanilla Cake: Think about the group that will be enjoying these. Is anyone allergic to gluten? Does anyone follow a vegan diet? After assessing, pick your favorite cake recipe (or even boxed mix) that will best serve the group! We used gluten free and grain free vanilla cake mix.
  • LesserEvil Lemonade Popcorn: The secret ingredient! The delicious lemonade flavor and light crunch of the popcorn makes these little jars so much more fun and yummy to eat. Be sure to use enough for inside the trifle as well as a crushed up topping.
  • Whipped Cream (or more Cool Whip): Whipped Cream will make for a fun swirled topping to finish your jar off, but if you’d rather use the rest of your Cool Whip, that will work as well!

Ready to make it yourself?
See how these tasty treats came together for us by watching our step-by-step video, then try out the recipe for your next gathering!



Strawberry Lemonade Mini Trifles


  • Cool whip
  • Fresh strawberries, sliced into circles
  • Vanilla cake, cubed
  • LesserEvil Lemonade Popcorn
  • Whipped cream

Toppings (Optional):

  • Whole strawberries
  • LesserEvil Lemonade Popcorn, crushed


  1. Bake cake of choice and let cool completely.
  2. While you wait, cut up your strawberries.
  3. Once the cake is cool, cut it into bite sized squares. When that is done and the strawberries are cut, start layering your ingredients into your jars/bowls/glasses.
  4. First, place your cool whip at the bottom, filling ¼ of your jar.
  5. Next, arrange the strawberries over the cool whip. Overlap the berries into 3-4 layers.
  6. Third, place a layer of cake bites over the berries.
  7. Fourth, add a layer of LesserEvil Lemonade Popcorn. You can either leave the pieces whole or crush them up slightly with your fingers to fit in more.
  8. Finally, top off the trifle with a swirl of whipped cream or cool whip, a whole strawberry and pieces of crushed LesserEvil Lemonade Popcorn.
  9. Dig in right away or as soon as possible!

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