Donations to your Favorite Charity are a Click Away

Courtesy of Hamed Saber

By Anne Piccolo

In the past, donating to charity traditionally meant taking out your checkbook and signing away x amount of dollars. With the help of the internet and a desire to make donating more interactive, a number of organizations have started to utilize a new way of getting donations- clicks.

In a prior article, we talked about Free Rice and how, through correctly answering vocabulary questions, money is donated to the United Nations World Food Programme. Listed below are similar sites that make donating fun, easy, and even educational!

1. Freekibble

Since its launch in 2008, Freekibble (and Freekibblekat) have donated over 8 million meals to dogs and cats in need. Sponsored by Halo, Purely for Pets, ten pieces of kibble are donated when site visitors answer daily trivia questions about animals. This method of donating seems to be working, as these sites are now two of the five most-visited animal rescue websites in the world!

2. JogoGreen

Sponsored by Trees for the Future, JogoGreen donates trees to be planted in Africa. All you have to do is answer ten environmentally-related questions correctly, but beware; you might have to put your thinking cap on for these (or at least do a quick Google search)! The main site is currently under maintenance, but you can keep it bookmarked and still practice questions on their old site.

3. The Rainforest Site

Probably the charity site that requires the least amount of work on your end, The Rainforest Site only asks you to click a button on the homepage and site sponsors donate money to save rainforest land. Running for over 12 years, this site has saved more over 40,000 acres of land. Additional tabs at the top of the page link to similar sites where you can click to have money donated to monograms for breast cancer, hunger, animals, veterans, autism, children’s health, and literacy.

4. Care2

As the #1 petition site in the world, Care2 has a click to donate method similar to The Rainforest Site. Causes include violence towards women, breast cancer, wolves, oceans, global warming, primates, and baby seals.

5. Tab for a Cause

This site lets you donate to your favorite charities by redirecting your web browsing. Occasionally when you open a new tab on the internet (you can choose the intervals), you will be redirected to a page where money will be donated to the charity of your choosing, simply because you viewed the page. No sign up is needed, and this site is great for the flexibility of charities to donate to (current charities include Water.org and Save the Children), and you don’t have to remember to visit it daily because you are automatically brought to it.

6. Click for Your Charity

Money is donated on Click for Your Charity by site visitors watching short videos. If you watch a video and decide to buy the featured product, additional profits are donated. The aim of the site is to donate to charities that have specific goals of finding long-term solutions to water shortages in impoverished areas.

The Big Question:


What is your favorite charity to donate to?

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