Introducing Himalayan Gold. Why we think you will love it.

We know the popcorn category is crowded and the last thing our retailers and our customers need is another packaged popcorn. So whatever we do in popcorn has to bring innovation, be nutritious and taste amazing. Here is what we hope you will like about about our latest product release:

  1. We wanted it to taste like butter but continue to use organic coconut oil instead of butter. As much as we love the taste of extra virgin coconut oil not everyone likes it as much as they like the taste of butter. This tastes exactly like butter!
  2. This combines the nutritious qualities of organic coconut oil but uses real botanical extracts to mimic a butter flavor. So its dairy free and after you eat the whole bag you won’t feel like you have eaten a tub of ice cream like movie theatre popcorn does.
  3. Of course its air popped so if you think that one of favorite articles is close to right (see attached) you feel pretty good about eating this. http://www.today.com/health/popcorn-healthy-veggies-depends-how-you-pop-it-t73016
  4. Its organic so you can feel good about no pesticides and herbicides on your food and what it means for the planet!
  5. As usual we use Himalayan salt!

It’s available on our website right now. Get it before we ship to your favorite store.

As always please, please, please let us know what you think… My phone number and email address is below!

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