LesserEvil’s Earth to Table Quality Commitment

With so many ingredients in foods these days, it’s hard as a consumer to know if what you are eating nourishes your body. At LesserEvil, we are trying to earn your trust by continuing to use only what is good for you and the planet. We start by sourcing foods that are non-genetically modified and we proudly certify. We then try to find organic ingredients if possible, and most importantly we look for foods that offer high target nutritional value. Once we have the ingredients we bake, never fry. We as a company also think that maltodextrin, yeast extract, refined sugar and gluten should not be part of something you feed your family and friends. Dedicated to high quality and pure ingredients, we pride ourselves on having an earth to table quality commitment.

We’ve outlined a few of the bad ingredients we’re devoted to staying away from. We’re honest with our ingredients, because we have nothing to hide:

Maltodextrin is a white powder made from rice, corn, or potato starch, and functions as a food thickener or filler. More and more natural foods are shying away from Maltrodextrin because it is believed to be somewhat artificial. It’s in everything from salad dressings, to snacks, to cereal. Some experience digestive issues when they’ve consumed Maltodextrin.

Yeast Extract contains free glutamate, or MSG. Everyone knows to avoid MSG as much as possible, but some companies have found loopholes to avoid the label. MSG functions as a flavor enhancer and gives unhealthy foods an addictive quality to keep people coming back for more. We strive to keep our customers coming back for more without MSG, or any other dangerous ingredients. We’re completely MSG-free, no loopholes or deceiving labeling here.

Refined Sugars have been linked to everything from weight gain to heart disease. Processed foods everywhere contain refined sugars, and lead to raised blood sugar, and a higher risk of diabetes among other chronic problems. People everywhere are trying to kick the sugar habit, and switch to healthier options. Refined white sugar is mostly sucrose, and contains no nutritional value, equaling empty calories. LesserEvil snacks contain no refined sugars, and we’re committed to staying that way.

Every LesserEvil snack is Gluten-Free. Celiac Disease is on the rise, and can cause for some terrible discomfort. Gluten can be tough to digest for many, as there’s an alarmingly growing population of people with Gluten sensitivity. Gluten sensitivity causes for bloating, stomach pain and fatigue, and diarrhea. Packed with fiber, flavor, and crunch, our snacks are delightfully light, and safe for anyone with a gluten-free diet or celiac disease.

We’re totally GMO-free. You won’t find any genetically modified organisms in any of our snacks. We’re committed to the NON GMO Project, and you can find us proudly labeled as such on each bag. More and more, GMOs are connected to health problems and environmental damage. There are restrictions or bans against GMOs in over 60 countries, but GMOs still find their way into as much as 80% of processed foods. You’ll never find GMOs in our snacks, and we’re proud to display our healthy ingredients.

LesserEvil is committed to being truly empty-calorie free. With none of the bad stuff listed above finding its way into our products, you can eat our snacks without guilt, and know you’re being good to your body.  When you eat our snacks, you’re getting something in return. You aren’t just eating and consuming empty calories with no nutritional value or benefit. Free of artificial sweeteners, refined sugar, Gluten, Corn, Soy, and Maltodextrin, our products are the new class of snacks.

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