Meet the Buddha

What’s new at LesserEvil? We’re all about raising the bar in healthy snacks, and we’re committed to changing the way people think about snacking.  Gone are the days of feeling guilty or ashamed because you opened a bag of popcorn, and gone are the days of feeling heavy and uncomfortable after snacking. Himalayan Pink Popcorn is your new way to snack.

We’re changing the snack game with our two newest popcorn lines, Buddha Bowl: Himalayan Pink and Himalayan Sweetness. This popcorn exemplifies the true meaning of simple snacking. Made with only 3 ingredients, there’s nothing inside this bag you can’t pronounce or understand. Made from Himalayan Mineral Salt, Organic Popcorn, and Organic Coconut Oil, Buddha Bowl is perfectly pure. Snacking should be easy, with no gimmicks, and that’s exactly what we’re going for.

Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt is said to be the truest and purest form of salt on the planet. Packed with health benefits like the ability to strengthen bones and lower blood pressure, Himalayan Pink salt is prized for its healing and restorative powers. Himalayan Pink Salt fights aging, detoxifies the human body, and pumps your bloodstream with much needed minerals and other bio compounds. It’s no wonder we wanted to incorporate this power ingredient into our newest snack.

At LesserEvil, we go Organic as much as possible. We’re dedicated to using only the highest quality ingredients. We look to simplify snacks with the purest, most natural ingredients, and we’re devoted to keeping our snacks unmodified, and free of any pesticides or chemicals. Organic foods are known to have more nutritional benefits than their conventionally grown counterparts, and help sustain a stronger, healthier environment.

Our last ingredient of the three is Organic Coconut Oil. Known for its superfood qualities, Organic Coconut Oil is in a class of its own.  Coconut Oil works to keep weight balanced, fight off infections, and reduce cholesterol, to name a few of the many superpowers it possesses. A heart healthy food, coconut oil fills your body with antioxidants and healthy fats that make you radiate from the inside out.

That’s it! Our Buddha Bowl Popcorn is an easy choice. We’re not afraid to show our ingredients, especially since there’s only 3. We want complete transparency between our company and our customers as to what goes into our snacks. Nothing left to guessing, everything’s out on the table, we’re purely good tasting and good for you.

Check out our new Buddha Bowl Popcorn, and purify your cravings with this superfood.


  • Meca Thecosmic-Star

    The best popcorn I ever had!

  • Cheryl

    Himalayan Sweetness is incredibly delicious & makes me unlady-like when I eat it by the handful. I need this popcorn in my life on the regular.

  • Lulu

    Ok- I eat this popcorn like I eat with a shovel!!!! And I’m thin … Love this healthy snack!!!!

  • virginia

    by far the best popcorn i’ve ever had. the store i usually buy it from stopped stocking it so i’ve been in panic mode trying to stock up!

  • Susan Sparrow

    It’s divinely delicious. Light and crispy, not over-salted, and GMO free!

  • Williwm Herbert


    Here is Buddha if your interested !

  • Sebastian

    Hi we recently purchased your popcorn while looking for healthier options, most of your ingredients say organic which is great but… “natural flavors”, could you please tell us what the exact ingredient are and it’s origin?

    Are we talking about this kind of natural flavors?

    ps: Oh and by the way, I’m sure that if you had put our Lord Jesus Christ selling your products you’d have get a lot of negative attention but reality is that using Lord Buddha gets you the same with practitioners of Buddhist faith as this is extremely offensive to their believes. Come on guys your marketing department can surely do better than this. Keep improving.

    Thanks for your time,
    Sebastian, an “Organic Dad”

    • Ditto. Thoughtful response and do concur, even down to “an Organic Dad!” Ciao!

  • Alexis

    I received a sample bag of your Buddha Bowl popcorn and loved it, but I won’t buy it because of the highly offensive marketing that you have employed. Religious idols should not be used to sell your food. Buddhists believe Buddha to be sacred and holy. What does he have to do with popcorn?
    Additionally, I do not worship Buddha, and i don’t want to be looking at a shrine to another god. Perhaps if both the name and picture were removed, I would purchase the product again.

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