We’re now in Kroger!


We are proud to announce that Chia Pop is now available in Kroger stores. A step forward in our mission to expand the distribution and make our snacks available in more locations for all of our fans around the world.

  • Lissa

    My husband *HATES* ANYTHING “HEALTHY” and I got him ABSOLUTELY HOOKED on the Classic Movie Theatre Popcorn “38” ~NOT the 40calorie-THERE IS A *HUGE* DIFFERENCE in the flavor!!~ But now we cannot find these ANYWHERE! For *6* months he ate a bag a day while watching the evening TV instead of heart choking sodium grease wad mainstream GARBAGE!! All his co-workers at BestBuy were nuts for it too!! We cannot order them HERE on the Lesser Evil website even, OR find them thru the web OR in the local Kroger family stores (which I NEVER shop at but made a special couple trys for these.) I found the price WELL WORTH the healthful benefit and actual great taste! I eat a bag a day of the Dill Pickle Chips myself, which thankfully can still be found, but **PLEASE**!!! SOMEONE TELL ME WHATS GOING ON WITH THE CLASSIC 38 POPCORN!!??!! ~It took me 14 years to find something healthy he would eat ON HIS OWN BECAUSE *HE* ACTUALLY LIKED IT!! He told EVERYONE about it, even keeping some in the car and giving to people to try when we were out! *IMAGINE THIS FROM A WIFE’S STANDPOINT!* HELP! HELP! HELP!

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