Start your own Community Pop-Up Shop.
= an organization wanting to think outside the cookie box to support your community.
= popcorn professionals who believe that everyone should have access to healthy snacks.
Your Organization
+ LesserEvil
= a 50/50 match made in fundraising heaven. Your group keeps half of all sales: $11 per box!

If you don’t mind us saying so, your fundraiser could use an upgrade.

You deserve to sell a product that makes people feel as good as it tastes. When you fundraise with LesserEvil, your organization keeps 50% of all proceeds. That’s $11 per box of our premium Organic Popcorn! It’s a value proposition on our snacks that benefits everyone. And we promise, your community won’t miss those old chocolate bars you used to sell!

Fundraising with LesserEvil

  • Open to schools, teams, clubs, non-profit organizations - whoever wants to sell!
    Please note: fundraising program is currently limited to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the US*
  • Traditional, in-person, brochure fundraising
  • Sell 25-packs of our Organic Popcorn for just $22 - $3 less than in our online store
  • Your organization keeps 50% of the sales** Sell a box of popcorn, get $11!
* Fundraising program limited to Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, D.C.
** Organizations must sell a minimum of 132 cases

Why should you fundraise with us?

  • Encourage healthier snacking in your community: Our air-popped Organic Popcorn is 100% organic, non-GMO, and tumbled in better-for-you fats and tasty seasonings.
  • Promote sustainability in addition to your own mission: We source our ingredients from sustainable farms, follow eco-conscious practices in our factory, and package our snacks in biodegradable NEO Plastic.
  • Easy to sign up, with no hidden costs: Once approved, your organization keeps 50% of all sales. Shipping is on us!
  • Great snacks for a great deal: Your buyers get to try our best-selling premium popcorn for 36% less than what we charge our distributors.
  • Spread the LesserEvil love: Not to toot our own horn, but we love to tout our popcorn. We’re excited for you to share it with your community!

How to fundraise with us

Get signed up:
Complete this simple online form on behalf of your organization.
Get approved:
You’ll receive brochures and signup forms from us, both electronically and in the mail.
Get selling:
Watch our delicious Organic Popcorn do the heavy lifting for you!
Still have questions?
Reach out to us at

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